Thursday, 30 March 2017

Keep calm and enjoy the quarter end with Financial Orbit

The end of one quarter and the start of another is always a busy time here at Financial Orbit.

On Friday 31 March we will be updating our once-a-quarter evolved preferred stocks lists covering both our global ex-UK and pan European (including the UK) lists of larger cap names as we try and find ways to back money in the second quarter of 2017 and beyond...

On Monday 3 April we will be publishing the performance of our preferred stocks lists during Q117.

As noted below we were really pleased with how preferred stock performance in 2016.  More of the same during the first quarter of 2017?  It is looking promising...

And finally on Wednesday 5 April we will be making available our latest investment webinar covering both our latest macro thoughts along with a review of our preferred stock list performances and the names that we are buying or selling onto these lists.

This is our ultimate report which brings everything together in an easy to appraise manner.

If you want to be notified about any of these events please send me an email at or to automatically receive links and our free macroeconomic research five days a week please just join the Financial Orbit Macro distribution list here.

Alternatively you can keep checking back here at

"More ‘good’ news at AO World: £0 ebitda AND a money raising…"

I wrote a piece titled "More ‘good’ news at AO World: £0 ebitda AND a money raising…" which was uploaded just now to the ShareProphets website.  A link to the piece (free sign-up) is here.

Wednesday, 29 March 2017

Come and meet me / hear me speak at the UK Investor Show on Saturday 1 April

There is still time to come and meet me and/or hear me speak at the UK Investor Show this Saturday 1 April in London.  A few tickets are apparently still available and can be obtained here. 

I will be discussing on stage a range of subjects including China, investing techniques, fraud spotting and Africa.  Alternatively if you want to chat about anything else in the global investment scene send me an email to and a direct message to my Twitter account @financial_orbit

Looking forward to meeting many friends of Financial Orbit on Saturday.