Dynamic Global Opps Fund

The Fund has its own website www.dynamicopportunitiesfund.com where you should read all relevant disclosures.  The key aspects of the Fund are: 

·        Investing in the best companies, in the best sectors, in the best markets.
·        Aiming to make a positive return every year
·        Focusing on stocks that are anomalously cheap: i.e. there is no obvious explanation or if there ever was one, it has lapsed.
·        Taking profits when market perception catches up with the reality, which can take up to 12 months.   

Risk Control

The Fund will typically hold 30-40 positions typically at any one time with no individual position greater than 5% of total capital. Any individual holding will usually have a market capitalisation in excess of US$1 billion ensuring high levels of liquidity at all times, thereby enhancing the ability to respond to any news flow that changes the fundamental underlying story. A clear ‘two strikes and out’ policy on individual positions: allowing for opportunistic further investment in response to an initial price fall while a second fall will result in a sale.  Overall, it is expected that an investment in the Fund will represent a medium to high risk for investors.

The Fund Manager

The Fund will be managed by Chris Bailey, who has over 20 years of investment industry experience at long-only and long-short institutions as a global multi-asset fund manager of UCITS and mutual fund products, as a strategist/macro thinker and, in the earlier part of his career, as a securities and fund analyst. He founded Financial Orbit Limited in 2013 to provide macroeconomic comment and securities analysis with relevance for global investors. From Fund partners Daniel Stewart & Co Chief Economist Alastair Winter and Founder Peter Shea will make up the rest of the Investment Committee

Key Facts:
Wrapper:                                          Quam Funds SICAV, Luxembourg
Style:                                                 Stock selection long equity, accumulation units only
Market capitalisations:                 All above $1 Billion Market Cap
Sectors:                                             All
Markets:                                           All major Global equity markets
Target size:                                      £300M  maximum
ISIN                                                   LU1603418408

Fee structure:   0.5% subscription fee0.99% annual management fee waived for an initial period; 10% performance fee with an annual 5% hurdle after all fees and other running costs.

Fund Administration, Registrar and Transfer Agent: BNP Paribas Securities Services, Luxembourg

Fund Regulator:   Commission de Surveillance du Secteur Financier (CSSF)

Liquidity:                                           Weekly dealing point

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